The World’s Top Companies Rely On Our Expertise To Influence Consumer Behavior Through Social Media Influencers.

Social Pulse Marketing is a full-service influencer and social media marketing agency specializing in developing and executing highly effective and viral influencer marketing campaigns while forming long-term brand ambassadorships between our influencers and the brands we represent. Our unique content distribution method combines influencer marketing with strategically targeted media buying to maximize the reach and impact your message has on your desired audience.

With over 15 years of experience in the internet industry, specializing in social media marketing, media buying, sales, and management, our founding team have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to ensure that your influencer and social media campaigns help you meet and surpass your marketing and organizational objectives.

We are not like other influencer marketing agencies. We deliver measureable results that go beyond the vanity metrics.

It is only by helping you succeed that we are able to form a long-lasting partnership with you and your brand.



Steven Tulman

Co-Founder & CEO

Steven Tulman has over 15 years of industry experience developing, leading, and executing successful influencer and social media marketing strategies for top brands such as Ford, Visa, Aflac, Canadian Tire, Entertainment One Group, Westin Hotels & Resorts, and many more. Having successfully helped grow and sell MenuPalace.com and Dealfind.com, two multi-million dollar online companies, Steven understands the needs of brands when it comes to marketing, brand development, and customer acquisition.

Gary Lipovetsky

Co-Founder & VP of Brand Relations

Gary has over 20 years of experience in the internet industry, specializing in marketing, strategy development, management, and operations. He is a Co-Founder of Providr Inc., a celebrity social media management company. He also co-founded MenuPalace.com which quickly became a profitable multi-million dollar business, and Dealfind, which was generating $5M in monthly revenues within 3 months of launch. He successfully exited Dealfind 12 months later achieving a valuation of $115M.

Michael Tulman

Co-Founder & VP of Media Buying

Michael has over 20 years of experience in the internet industry, specializing in online traffic acquisition, media buying, data analysis, and reporting. He has a close working partnerships with all the major ad networks such as Google AdSense, and partnerships with social media companies such as Facebook. Michael is also a Co-Founder of Providr Inc., MenuPalace.com, and Dealfind.

Alex Shаlymenov

VP of Creative

Alexander is the Creative Director at Social Pulse Marketing Inc. With over 15 years of experience in the field. Alexander holds a degree in Advertising Design and a diploma in Digital Media Design. Alexander has a drive for all new things and creative knowledge. Alexander’s experience and above all his talent is a driving force of inspiration for the Social Pulse Marketing Inc team.

Oleksii Вorisov

VP of Technology

Oleksii joined Social Pulse Marketing Inc. as the VP of Technology bringing over 15 years of development experience. Oleksii’s deep knowledge and understanding of application development and information systems, along with his passion for delivering high quality focused technology solutions makes him a valuable asset to our organization. Oleksii led development teams in launching complex and efficiency focused initiatives at some of Canada’s fastest growing and most successful online marketing companies including Dealfind.com Inc., Teambuy Inc., and more.

Florind Metalla

Director, Influencer Relations

Florind specializes in developing strategic marketing and communications activities that support lead generation campaigns. He is responsible for communications management and execution across channels including advertising, media relations, PR, events and sponsorships, social and digital media. He oversees the content and development for brands that comply with initiatives implemented across market activity. Florind manages media activity and contacts by seeking out innovative ways to communicate our value to prospects.

Maninder Singh

Director, Campaign Management

Maninder has over 6 years of experience in management of digital assets (websites, mobile applications, email campaigns and etc.) including content implementation, testing and trouble-shooting, performance reporting and analysis. He is well versed in Social Media Trends, Analytics and Insights. He utilizes strong knowledge of User Experience principles to plan and coordinate on improving customers experience within our digital assets (e.g. visual design, content, videos and etc.)