3 Ways To Get Customers Using Social Media

3 Ways To Get Customers Using Social Media

The biggest problem faced by businesses is also the simplest: how can we generate more customers? With billions of dollars invested into marketing strategies each and every year, companies are pouring vital time and resources into solving this problem; and often with limited success. Thankfully, in an era dominated by digital commerce, there’s no need to spend a fortune on marketing – thanks to the Social Sales Funnel.

The Social Sales Funnel

72% of all internet users are active on social media, with Facebook alone accounting for a user base of over a billion people. With so many people using social media to engage with friends, family and brands, sites like Twitter and LinkedInrepresent a huge opportunity for marketing and sales. To help your business improve its social media strategy, I’ve spent time defining the Social Sales Funnel: 3 simple steps designed to engage your target audience, instil trust into your followers and improve your customer generation.

Are you ready to benefit from the power of the social sales funnel?

Step 1: Content creation

The social sales funnel is entirely dependent upon content creation; and in order to engage with new leads and potential customers, it’s essential to create content that appeals to your target audience. There are two primary types of content that should form the basis of your content creation efforts: blog posts and long-form guides.

Blog posts

Regularly publishing blog content allows you to systematically address the concerns and problems of your target audience. These pain points demonstrate your brand’s understanding of the reader; and your blog content allows you to prove your brand’s value by solving these problems.

Example: The Biggest Challenges for Ecommerce Today; How to Build an Effective Ecommerce Platform

Long-form guides

Longer content, like guides, whitepapers and eBooks, allow your brand to demonstrate its expertise and industry knowledge. The in-depth nature of this content means that prospects will often be willing to part with select personal data in exchange for the asset. By promoting these assets with a Call-To-Action, and gating them with a Contact form, your business will be able to secure email addresses and other valuable information from your prospects.

Example: The Complete Guide to Growing Sales for your Small Business

Step 2: Targeted content distribution

In order to attract leads to your website, you need to build your social media network. Thankfully, content creation provides the fuel for social networking. By promoting your blog and long-form content, and engaging with interested users, you can attract targeted traffic to your social media networks. They will, in turn, share your content throughout their own networks – allowing you to build a community of genuinely interested prospects.

Building your network

  • Focus your social media efforts on the websites that are most used by your target audience. Whilst Facebook is a safe bet for most businesses, niche B2B businesses will be better served by LinkedIn, and design-focused businesses could even benefit most from Pinterest promotion.
  • Incorporate automation in your social media marketing (SMM). Cloud-based applications like Hootsuite and Buffer allow you automate vast swathes of your SMM promotion. Instead of manually sharing posts at all hours of the day, these apps schedule your posts, and automatically promote them at your chosen times. By combining these tools with Tweriod, you’ll be able to promote your content at the exact times of day your audience are online.
  • Don’t neglect personal interaction. People appreciate the personal touch; and if one of your followers has gone to the effort of messaging you, it’s a great idea to respond quickly and directly. Allocate a few minutes each day to personally respond to direct messages, tweets and comments.

Promoting your content

  • Use the 10:4:1 rule of content promotion. For every sales-focused offer you promote, share 4 of your own blog posts, and 10 third-party pieces of content. Sharing in this ratio helps your brand appear open, honest and unbiased; and allows you to collate the industry’s best content, and become the go-to resource for your niche.
  • Complement SMM with email and paid advertising. Using the contact information you’ve collected with your CTA, it becomes possible to promote your content through email marketing – and if your prospect has opted-in to your mailing list, you unlock a second channel of lead generation. Paid advertising across social media can have a similar effect, broadening the reach of your content, and improving its efficacy.

Step 3: Conversion rate optimization

Armed with your killer blog content and growing social media network, your brand is well on the way to becoming a customer-generating machine; but there’s still one crucial piece of the puzzle missing: conversion rate optimization. The social sales funnel is designed to channel social media users through your website, with the end-goal of becoming a customer. The process of transitioning from prospect to paying customer is known as conversion; and to boost the customer-generating power of your social sales funnel, there are a few best practices you can follow. From copywriting to web design, I’ve included a selection of killer conversion-boosting tips you can incorporate into all aspects of the social sales funnel:

Congratulations! You’ve just created your very own social sales funnel.

Social media is a powerhouse of customer-generating potential; and with consistent blogging, targeted content distribution and conversion rate optimisation, your business will be able to explode its prospects, leads and customers. Best of all, the social sales funnel is designed to require minimal investment; allowing you to boost the performance of your business without spending a fortune!

If you’d like advice on effective social media marketing, and how to avoid these and other common mistakes, get in touch with me through email at and I'll be happy to help!

Steven Tulman is the CEO of Social Pulse Marketing Inc., a leading influencer marketing agency. He is a social media marketing and sales expert, and an entrepreneur with a passion for helping companies grow through effective online marketing strategies, improved sales performance, and overall customer experience.

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