7 Free Social Media Tools You Need To Start Using

To stay ahead of the curve on industry trends, it is crucial to analyze how your money is being budgeted. Flexibility can be beneficial, especially when a new trend emerges and more money can be distributed towards it to ensure maximum effectiveness. The rise of influencer marketing is an example of a booming trend that companies quickly began putting more of their budget towards.

Social media has created a plethora of advertising options and budgets for social advertising has doubled worldwide over the past two years. Marketers have come to understand that social media advertising has become a fundamental part of building a strong brand, which means maximizing how it is used is vital. However, before you start allotting your budget towards social media, you should embrace the free social media tools that are already available to you.

1. Facebook Insights

Facebook remains the top dog when it comes to social media platforms for sharing engaging with content. Facebook Insights, a tool designed for businesses to learn more about their target audience, can be a valuable resource to track metrics on page performance.

This free feature makes it easy to understand the time frames in which a page’s audience is most active and which posts are receiving the most engagement. Facebook Insights is a key tool for businesses using the social media platform, and it even allows you to export the data for further analysis. >

2. SocialRank

For businesses using Twitter and Instagram to engage with their target audience, SocialRank is a free tool that can provide valuable insight on followers. SocialRank makes it easy to identify, organize, and manage your followers on both social media platforms.

Having a massive amount of followers is great, but understanding who they are and what they like is indispensable. SocialRank allows you to narrow down your followers by an array of filters that show which demographics are following your account and what they are looking for.

3. Likeable Local

Likeable Local is a great tool that helps brands use the power of social media and word of mouth to grow. The marketing software aims to make businesses more likeable on social media and does so by generating leads and referrals through its platform.

Likeable Local can help engage and build your audiences, amplify your reach, and manage your reputation with streamlined social listening. This tool is incredibly beneficial for any company, but it mainly thrives on helping small businesses find success.

4. Social Mention

Social Mention is a real-time social media search and analysis tool that allows businesses to track when their brand is being mentioned. Entering your company’s name in the easy-to-use search bar gives insight to how often people are mentioning the name and whether it is a negative or positive association.

5. TweetDeck

For companies that utilize multiple different Twitter accounts to maximize content, TweetDeck is an incredibly useful tool to keep everything in one place. Signing in and out of multiple accounts can be time consuming, this personal browser makes managing more than one account accessible on one screen.

6. TweetReach

TweetReach is a great tool that gives insight on recent Twitter activity with a quick analytics report. TweetReach’s snapshot reports track up to 100 tweets for free and provide useful data on who has been interacting with your company on the social platform. Any company that uses Twitter to engage with their audience should become familiar with TweetReach as it helps you understand what content is working and what is not.

7. Buffer

Sharing numerous pieces of content daily can be hard to keep up with, but Buffer makes scheduling much more accessible. The social media management tool allows you to schedule multiple posts on different channels. Buffer is an easy way to drive traffic and increase fan engagement while saving time on social media.

With social media and influencer marketing delivering some of the highest ROI’s the marketing world has ever seen, knowing what tools to use will help you maximize the benefits for your company.

If you know of or have used any tools that help maximize the benefits of social media marketing, please share your insights. Your feedback is always welcome!

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Steven Tulman is the CEO of Social Pulse Marketing Inc., a leading influencer marketing agency. He is a social media marketing and sales expert, and an entrepreneur with a passion for helping companies grow through effective online marketing strategies, improved sales performance, and overall customer experience.

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