How Companies Like Coca Cola and Lego Use Short Videos to Grow Their Brands and Impact Their Audiences

How Companies Like Coca Cola and Lego Use Short Videos to Grow Their Brands and Impact Their Audiences

Short video content produced by brands and social media influencers is the fastest growing trend in marketing today. Short videos help brands like Coca Cola, Lego, Red Bull and millions of other businesses grow their brand awareness while increasing sales and consumer loyalty. through channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

Demonstrate or Teach

Short video can be an incredible outlet to demonstrate, teach, answer, or show how something is done in a ‘cut to the chase’ clear cut way. Today’s content is often lengthy and littered with unnecessary information, when in reality, users just want to cut to the chase.

Videomeals has done an incredible job catching the audience's attention with sharp punchy tones, tasty visuals, and a sense of humor. They don’t waste a single instant, and keep the audiences craving their snacks.

Showcase Skills

Amazing skills/talents can have a similar effect to watching a talent show, and keep people thoroughly engaged with the content.

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Oreo instills curiosity in us from the beginning and makes us question where the video is going. It manages to impress us and go over the top to exceed our expectations.


Some ideas include, but are not limited to: stunts, new technology, things people have never seen before, etc.

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Red Bull thrills with a wild and amusing spectacle that many people have never seen before. The brand adds edgy music, breathtaking shots, and theatrical smoke for increased effect.

Make it Visual

Marvelous visual eye candy can astound and has limitless potential to increase enjoyment. It is one of the most powerful utilities in social media marketing as content is becoming increasingly visual.

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GoPro blows us away with stunning visuals that bring out a desire in those who watch it. That desire inspires people to want to capture similar dazzling video footage and create lifelong memories.

Be Smart, Charming, Surprising, Creative and Unique

A short video can have a smart, charming, or surprising situation unfold.

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Mini imagined a unique idea that makes for a very suave commercial. It is a perfect match for the Mini brand.

Be Artistic and Musical

Art and music has limitless potential in its appeal. It can make content stylish.

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This edgy video by MTV is hip and has great music with eye catching animation.

Capture Feelings and Emotions

A short video can register feeling or emotion to peak interest, or to make an audience want to buy a product or trust a brand.

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Coca Cola brilliantly uses sound effects and ice cubes to stimulate reflection of a sparkly ice cold refreshment and ignite the viewer’s thirst for a Coke.

Tell an Interesting Story

A short video can be action packed from beginning to end, keeping audiences fully engaged at all times.

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Here Lego decides to make an action sequence that simultaneously showcases the product. Kids and adults alike would want to play with Lego after watching this video… I know I did!

Use Humor and Cuteness to Make an Audience Laugh and Feel Warm Inside

Humor and cuteness is a powerful tool for making content enjoyable and memorable.

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Multi-channel retailer M&S (Mark & Spencer) made a video that is both funny and cute to help them connect with and engage their audience.

Be Authentic and Playful

Be spontaneous and unscripted. The stars of the video can have fun and connect with the audience. They can exhibit their personalities through both physical and verbal communication. Make it playful!

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Here we have a video from Lululemon where the actress is just letting loose, having fun, and being goofy.

Special Effects

Special effects can be used in unique ways to make videos entertaining.

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Zach King created a super entertaining video with low budget special effects superimposed onto reality to make his world seem larger than life.

By providing the audience with a look inside the lives of stars and people they follow and respect, brands are able to connect with their audiences more effectively than ever before. If something interesting happens in the world, it can potentially make for great content. Go behind the scenes and give the audience a lens into another world. Add in a cliffhanger that leaves the audience wanting more and now you’ve opened yourself up for the possibility for a series of dynamic and engaging videos.

Short videos that engage and inspire people have the power to get people excited and passionate about a brand which as a result generates positive brand awareness, builds customer loyalty, and influences consumer behavior towards a particular product or brand.

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Steven Tulman is the CEO of Social Pulse Marketing Inc., a leading influencer marketing agency. He is a social media marketing and sales expert, and an entrepreneur with a passion for helping companies grow through effective online marketing strategies, improved sales performance, and overall customer experience.

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